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I do offer a range of spa, salon, wellness, and lifestyle business evaluation. My mystery shopper service was designed to give owners and operators a realistic assessment of the current situation. Thanks to my 15 years experience in luxury hospitality and helping key performance and quality indicators I deliver very detail and profesional analysts. I will provide strategies and processes designed to strengthen operational and financial performance, ultimately increasing opportunities for greater profit, success, and long-term sustainability. WHAT YOU WILL FOUND OUT: • A realistic assessment of the current situation in terms of quality. • Level of employees professional approach to the guest. • Service expertise in terms of guest comfort, quality and price. • Actual employees effort to maximize the revenue. SPA MYSTERY SHOPPER SERVICES INCLUDES: • Visit of operation with an optional initial consultation • A performance audit of operation and services • Report with current status evaluation • Recommendation of innovation to improve quality with the eventual final consultation For reservation please do not hesitate to contact me. The Mystery Shopper Service price is for up to 8 business hours.

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+420 727808506

Pražská 709, 252 41 Dolní Břežany, Praha-západ, Česká republika

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