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I understand that life in the Beauty & Wellness industry can be full of challenges and daily struggles. Are you facing the constant challenges of lower prices and endless work commitment? Do you feel your business is losing stability and free time? Now is the time for a radical change! In the "Successful Business" course, we not only discuss why monitoring the competition is crucial or how to correctly calculate the client's value, but my goal is also to be your guide to achieving optimal results in selling products and services, with a focus on improving the quality of your business. HOW THE COURSE SPECIFICALLY HELPS YOU: INSPIRATION IN COMPETITION: Gain a deeper insight into how competitors approach customers and offer their services.Identify the strengths of competitors and leverage inspiration for your own business. FINANCIAL SKILLS AND STRATEGIES: Learn how to calculate the client's value and determine strategies to increase the average client spending, ensuring a more stable income. FROM OCEAN LINERS TO THE WORLD OF BEAUTY & WELLNESS:Develop strategies for customer retention and building long-term relationships.Identify factors influencing customer satisfaction and ensure their regular visits. CLIENT RETENTION AND THEIR RETURN: Share expertise on treatment steps with an emphasis on professionalism and comprehensive solutions to client needs. Create a "wow" effect that encourages customers to visit regularly. TOOLS FOR REVENUE INCREASE:Implement strategies to increase the average client spending and ensure financial growth. EVERYDAY PROBLEMS WE CAN SOLVE: Unstable income and financial uncertainty. Lack of time and work overload. Competitive pressure and low market differentiation. Client retention issues and low customer loyalty. Need for more effective tools for business growth and success. WHO IS THIS COURSE SUITABLE FOR: For everyone working in services, especially for brand representatives, managers, or owners in the Beauty & Wellness industry, including beauticians, therapists, doctors, and receptionists. RESERVATION: Simply fill out our contact form and look forward to the enriching experience that this course will bring. The course fee of 2790 CZK includes stationery, presentation materials, and refreshing drinks during the training. Give us the opportunity to improve your business together and achieve a more stable income. We look forward to meeting you at the "Successful Business" course!

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Pražská 709, 252 41 Dolní Břežany, Praha-západ, Česká republika

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