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SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS- WORKSHOP I. WHO IS IT FOR? Do you love, or work in the Wellness, Spa, salon or a clinic and want to improve your business? Exactly for you are my workshops full of inspiration, motivation and direct sharing thanks to my 15 years of experiences. Workshops consist of four parts. Every part very openly and straight to the point elaborates the topic you need on the way to be a superstar of your profession, whether you are a full-time employee, supervisor, top manager or owner. WHAT IS IT ABOUT? · Operation in terms of numbers or how much should every client spend? · Why "just" meet the client expectations of guests is not enough? · Most common mistakes in the operation! · How competitors visit can help the business? · What decides if your clients come back again? · Work at cruise ship was my best school of business, what I have learned? · Unforgettable luxury experience. The procedure versus a ritual! · Improve sales skills according to the method of DISC. · Maximize the revenue daily using the right tools. RESERVATION: The capacity is 12 participants per workshop. If you are interested in English workshop please email me :

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+420 727808506

Pražská 709, 252 41 Dolní Břežany, Praha-západ, Česká republika

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